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BGD00 Workshop Mods

like the various workshop mods provided by BGD00 but I prefer an AIO with Settlement Menu Manager. So I combined them and gave them an SMM menu. All credit for the hard work goes to BGD00, please download their individual mods and endorse them!

Taxidermy & Statuary

Build all the creatures from the Bethesda loading screens as taxidermy or statues. I added one butterfly statue from Nuka World to the statues menu, all other new buildables are now in their own menu at the end of the Decor menu.

Pride Pipboy

Show your pride right on your pipboy! 8 Pride Flag textures for the Pipboy. Pairs great with Pride Pipboy Backgrounds.

Lima Detachment (Port)

Port of Lima Detachment for Xbox players. This mods adds several detailed Faction themed bunker's to explore as you complete several Quests. Once completed, you are rewarded with Power Armor Paint Jobs, Desert Combat Armor, unique weapons, and your own Enclave themed Bunker player home.

Pride Pipboy Backgrounds

50 different styles of pride flags available to be crafted as Pipboy backgrounds in the armor workbench. Straight ally and feel like this mod doesn't apply to you? There's a flag for you as well in here! Flags for everyone!

Menu Fixer Mods

Forgot to install SMM before you installed one of our workshop mods? Had a broken workshop menu? Can't revert to an older save game for reasons? Here's your last chance to get the menu working.

Mods by MunkySpunk

I have and will be porting several mods by MunkySpunk to Bethesda.net for console and PC players with permission. Basic information about each mod.

Mods by Glitchfinder

Information about mods from Glitchfinder that have been ported to Bethesda.net for console and PC players.

Hands Off Locking Containers & Doors Port

Bethesda port of Hands Off Locking Containers & Doors by KernalsEgg. Lock and unlock containers and doors that belong to any of your settlements. Stop settlers from stealing your things!

Working Aquariums Port

Bethesda port of Working Aquariums by Munkyspunk. Aquariums for your settlements stocked with moving 3d glowing rad fish in over 40 fully functional animated aquariums in two different sizes.