Sarinia Mods


Craft full wall-to-wall carpets and other floor coverings for your settlements (can be placed on top of Wood, Metal, Concrete, and Vault floors). Floor coverings include carpets, tiles, marble and colored concrete.

Creative Clutter

When you come home tired from cleansing the Wasteland of a bunch of scavvers you don't want to live like one.  You want fun, awesome, cluttery bits that make your shack, mansion, or giant hippie commune feel like a real home. This mod adds over 1000 custom decorations, furniture, food resources, and more for you to build using its own custom menu.


Easily flatten the ground for settlements using floors and foundations in 50+ vanilla landscape textures. Build camouflaged or natural shacks as Caves (stone textures on concrete parts) or Arbors (leaf-roof on wood parts). Build fortifications and embankments or just decorate using rocks, boulders, mounds of grass, mud, dirt, etc.