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Contact Damanding/Crayonkit for:

  • Permissions to use mod content
  • Feedback
  • Website
  • Nexodus mods authorized locations updates
Email Damanding

Need help using or installing a mod? Please see the relevant articles on this site first or ask in discord.

Discord Servers

All mods for all Creative Clutter team members. Discord: https://discord.gg/EasFhFzkWZ – MsRae can be reached here.

frogprincessQ4's Discord: https://discord.gg/8f3Qh5HuB3

vronykah's Discord: https://discord.gg/CnGvV5eYer

Discord Profiles

Damanding/Crayonkit's Discord profile


vronykah's Twitter: @vronykah1


Damanding/Crayonkit provides F4 load order support for Xbox users via Armored Reptile Gaming discord server. PC support is handled via Collective Modding discord server including Buffout 4 crash logs. He can also be found on the Bethesda Game Studios discord server (please note that he does not accept random friendships).  Damanding/Crayonkit's modding will.

Nexodus Mods New Authorized Locations: Damanding/Crayonkit now maintains the list of mods that were removed from Nexus in summer 2021 and are now hosted elsewhere. If you have updates regarding mods on this list please contact him via Email button above, the Creative Family Modding discord, or the Collective Modding discord.