Planning on having a lightweight forum package installed soon so that we can assist with supporting our users. Working on getting the search form working first. But in the meantime we have discords to choose from!

New public discord server that serves all mods for all Creative Clutter team members. Discord:

frogprincessQ4's Discord:

vronykah's Twitter: @vronykah1

vronykah's Discord:

Damanding/Crayonkit provides F4 load order support for Xbox users via Armored Reptile Gaming discord server. PC support is handled via Collective Modding discord server including Buffout 4 crash logs. He can also be found on the Bethesda Game Studios discord server as damanding#6282 (please note that he does not accept random friendships).

Nexodus Mods New Authorized Locations: Damanding/Crayonkit now maintains the list of mods that were removed from Nexus in summer 2021 and are now hosted elsewhere. If you have updates regarding mods on this list please contact  him via the Collective Modding discord.