Damanding/Crayonkit Modding Will

Damanding/Crayonkit Modding Will
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If something should happen to me and I'm unreachable via discord, email (button on contact page for email), or another alternative communication method I may provide in the future for a period of 2 months or longer the following permissions changes for my modding work will take effect. Attempts to contact me via Nexusmods.com do NOT count towards being unreachable. I have chosen to no longer log into that site and will always have at least 1, preferably more, alternative methods to contact me outside Nexusmods.com.  

As long as I am actively developing and supporting my mods (and thus reachable) I still require being asked for permission to use my content in your own mods.

Creative Clutter

Any remaining active members of the Creative Clutter team will be able to speak on my behalf. Try contacting MsRae, vronykah, or frogprincessQ4 first.  See contact page for details.  When the Creative Clutter team has finally stopped updates for the mod we'll make a large portion of the content available in the Creative Clutter Modders Resource at that time. Until then some of the content is already a modders resource.

Creative Clutter Modders Resource

Creative Clutter already has some of its content made available as a modders resource! See that page for more details.

Castle Revamped, Noir Penthouse Workshop, Neon Flats Workshop, VR Desert Island Extended

Robboten (if reachable) will be able to speak on my behalf. If Robboten is unreachable within 30 days of attempting to contact him you may consider MY portion of the mod to be a modders resource provided my "modders resource permission requirements" are met. All content in the mod created by other authors will remain owned and controlled by those authors unless otherwise specified which means you will need THEIR permission to use their content. This includes the architectural meshes by Robboten and textures/materials by various (organized in folders by author). Content is organized by author except in the case of architectural meshwork which is owned by Robboten.  VR Desert Island Extended surfboard counters collision, plant vertex painting, and tiki torch lighting adjustments are courtesy of Robboten.

Do It Yourshelf

Dinozaurz (the original author) has left the mod to my guardianship with the understanding that her portion be made a modders resource at some point. I've contributed new content to the mod. Therefore when I'm no longer reachable the entire main mod file and assets created by Dinozaurz and Damanding/Crayonkit will be made a modders resource provided my "modders resource permission requirements" are met. The locker meshes and locker template mesh were created by MsRae with the understanding that they would be opened up as part of the modders resource at some point in the future as well. The holotape scripting is also open source. Some ammo shelf decor assets were made by Cartman1975 and remain under his authority.  Secondary mods, such as DIY Texture Pack, which require the main mod file as a master may contain content by authors other than Dinozaurz and myself. That content remains the property of the original author and may not be used without their permission.

Modular Kitchen

Evanpox (the original author) has left the mod to my guardianship and I've contributed new content to the mod.  The full mod with content from us both may become a modders resource provided my "modders resource permission requirements" are met. Furthermore, while content from the mod can be used as a part of mods published on Nexusmods.com, the full mod itself may never be published on Nexusmods.com.

Prewar Power Armor Displays, Postwar Power Armor Displays

Terrybeer (creator of all the texture work) is already unreachable but gave me full guardianship of his portion of the mods. Thus if I am unreachable you may consider the full mods to be a modders resource provided my "modders resource permission requirements" are met.  It is especially important that Terrybeer be credited prominently for his texture work.

All other mods

Mods I've ported to Bethesda.net are NOT included as mods I can make a modders resource, they remain owned by their original creator. This includes Raze My Settlement which is created and owned by Bionicyardiff aka Whisper.  However all mods that I've created and not otherwise mentioned on this page are available to become modders resources in the event I'm no longer reachable provided my "modders resource permission requirements" are met. Please check the documentation on each mod to ensure that any content owned by another author I might have used is not accidentally included as part of the modders resource. I will always credit works owned by others and their content is usually placed in a folder named for the original author.

Modders Resource Permission Requirements

Modders resource is defined as content that any other mod author may utilize as a part of their own work without requiring direct approval from me. If I've released my content into the status of being a modders resource I do so with the following requirements that must continue to be met, indefinitely:

Credit is required

For both content I've created and content I did not create but have guardianship over. In the case of content I have guardianship over please credit the original creator(s) in addition to myself for any contributions I made.

No commercialization of the content

You may not sell the content either directly or as part of your own product. It may not be sold on sites which provide assets such as (but not limited to) 3d models, textures, material files, scripts, or other game files for sale. It may not be sold as part of a "paid mod", "Creation Club", game, DLC, or mod pack. Mod packs are defined as any compilation or grouping of mods either in list form (for manual or automated install) or as a merged package, also known as "mod collection", "Wabbajack list", "Automaton list", "mod merge", "mod bundles", "merged bundles", or similar names.


Patreon or other similar platforms are allowed as long as my content is less than 50% of your final product.  Donation points opt-in on Nexusmods.com is also allowed as long as my content is less than 50% of your final product. Transfer Settlement Blueprints, Workshop Framework blueprints, and Clipboard patterns are always welcome to opt-in for donation points or donations. Similar "blueprints/patterns" created by other modding tools that don't include the actual mod content, only position of objects and other similar technical details are also always welcome to opt-in for donation points and donations.

Publishing Location

Provided content from my mods (and mods I'm guardian over) that have become modders resources is 50% or less of your final product you may publish your mod on Nexusmods.com. However I do not want the full modders resources in their entirety published as is on Nexusmods.com. If Nexusmods.com rebrands under the same ownership, new ownership, or is still connected to Robin Scott aka "DarkOne" in any way, the new company and site are also barred from being a publishing location for the full mods in their entirety.

This document may change while I am still actively creating and supporting my game mod work. The final state of the document at the time that I become unreachable is the version that will apply to my content from that point onward.