Several members of the Creative Family are retired. Their biggest mods (Do It Yourshelf and Modular Kitchen) have been taken under the wing of Damanding/Crayonkit for continued support and development. However there are additional works by these incredibly lovely folks that we'd like to share with you!

They may be retired but they're not forgotten! We love you all!


Creator of Dino's Decorations (included in Creative Clutter!), Do It Yourshelf and a founding member of Creative family.


Creator of Evan's Crafting Goodies (included in Creative Clutter!), Modular Kitchen, and a founding member of Creative family.


Creator of Eye Makeup for Men (also included in Looksmenu Customization Compendium!), Immersive Lawn Flamingos (included in Creative Clutter!), Trailerpark Dreams for Sim Settlements, and Travis' Terrific Tips.

Charlie (CommonwealthCharlie)

Creator of Charlie's Diner.