Creative Clutter

Creative Clutter

Created by the Creative Clutter Crew

When you come home tired from cleansing the Wasteland of a bunch of scavvers you don't want to live like one.  You want fun, awesome, cluttery bits that make your shack, mansion, or giant hippie commune feel like a real home. This mod adds over 1000 custom decorations, furniture, food resources, and more for you to build using its own custom menu.

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Creative Clutter Base Object Swapper Mod

Can't get enough of Creative Clutter? Do you wish there was furniture from this mod placed all around the wasteland? Your wish is granted!  Check out the Base Object Swapper version of the mod by RogueUnicorn/Sniper00. There's also one for V's Stylish Decor and Neon Flats Workshop!

CREAtive Crew: Charlie, Damanding, Dinozaurz, Evanpox, FrogprincessQ4, Mimaef, MsRae, Sarinia, Vronykah