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Create your own home in any settlement using assets from the Creation Club's Neon Flats pack converted to be workshop friendly. This mod significantly expands what is workshop buildable to include structural pieces, improved lighting, and a large selection of clean prewar style clutter for your hidden bunker or mansion. This mod was designed to take advantage of features and items from a variety of popular settlement building mods already available, see the Recommended Mods page for details.

Items previously already buildable with the Creation Club pack are also in the NFW custom injected menu so that you don't have to move between multiple menu areas while building. Most of the lights have been adjusted in a variety of ways. If you wish to use the original lights they are in the Creation Club part of the main menu. The lights in NFW are a new record and therefore handled separately from the original.

Neon Flats Workshop Base Object Swapper

Swaps vanilla furniture for Neon Flats equivalents at a 60% chance. Great way to see NFW furniture around the wasteland!  Courtesy of RogueUnicorn/Sniper00 There are also base object swapper mods for Creative Clutter and V's Stylish Décor.

Image Gallery/Video

Many thanks to CordlessVII for creating a video to showcase the mod.

Check out his channel, he does lots of great F4 settlement building mods.