Neon Flats Workshop Credits & Permissions


  • Crayonkit/Damanding: ESP work, most mesh work other than structural, some texture work (posters, bedspreads, and a few minor other textures), team lead and organization.
  • Robboten: Entire structural kit, wall texture contributions, additional 3ds Max work.
  • Terrybeer: Most textile textures, lots of decor textures.
  • Vronykah: wall texture contributions, some decor textures.
  • FrogprincessQ4: food and some decor textures.
  • Sarinia/Ethreon: CatDeco system. Sarinia for base textures, Ethreon for mesh pieces.
  • Kinggath and Sim Settlements team: Generous donation of the neon letter kit.
  • MunkySpunk: Light script and educating Crayonkit on lighting systems.
  • EmissaryofWind: Prewar book textures.
  • MsRae: Prewar blue plastic bins texture.
  • Dinozaurz: DIY system and plain wood bookcases.
  • NASA/JPL-Caltech for the wall poster designs. Artifacts and defects from resizing/cropping are entirely the fault of Crayonkit/Damanding who is terrible at texture work. Feel free to grab your own digital copies of the original wonderful posters from the JPL poster site.
  • If I've forgotten anyone please remind me. If you want to know the creator of a specific item contact Crayonkit for the item in question. Generally speaking most items are located in the folder of the creator but some items were located in a different folder for the sake of convenience.

Information Regarding NASA/JPL-Caltech Content

By using the images from NASA/JPL-Caltech the Neon Flats Workshop team agrees to the following:

  1. that Caltech makes no representations or warranties with respect to ownership of copyrights in the images, and does not represent others who may claim to be authors or owners of copyright of any of the images, and makes no warranties as to the quality of the images. Caltech shall not be responsible for any loss or expenses resulting from the use of the images, and you release and hold Caltech harmless from all liability arising from such use.
  2. to use a credit line in connection with images. Unless otherwise noted in the caption information for an image, the credit line should be "Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech."
  3. that the endorsement of any product or service by Caltech, JPL or NASA must not be claimed or implied.

For more information regarding the copyright policies that apply to the posters used in this mod please visit the JPL image policy site.


TL;DR You must ask Crayonkit/Damanding for permission before using any item in this mod.

  • Attribution (credit) required
  • Non-Commercial use only (see below for more detail on donations, donation points, and Patreon)
  • No inclusion in mod packs, Mod Drop site
  • Unless I specify otherwise, publishing of your mod is only allowed on or (exceptions may be made for non English language sites)

If you want to use the structural pieces in the mod please ask Robboten for permission on those.  Clutter items which use textures created by another author will require permission from me (Crayonkit/DAmanding) as well as the author who created the texture. See the Credits section for more details. If you're unsure just ask Crayonkit/Damanding which additional author(s) will need to grant permission to use a specific item.

Nexus Donations/Patreon/Nexus Donation Points/Creation Club/Etc.


If you wish to use (and receive permission) to include the clutter items in your mod you may opt in to Nexus donations and Nexus Donation Points provided the content from Neon Flats Workshop is not the majority of your mod. If the clutter items are not the majority of your mod you may also advertise your Patreon provided your advertising of your Patreon follows the Nexus general rules of thumb for donations meaning your advertising of having a Patreon account isn't excessive, etc. You may never sell this work to Creation Club or put it behind a paywall of any sort.

People creating Transfer Settlement Blueprints are exempted from needing to ask us about opting TS blueprints into the donation points system, if you are creating a TS blueprint you are allowed to opt-in to the donation points by default.