Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics for the following:

Page views, scrolls, outbound clicks, site search, video engagement, and file downloads. If you're opted in for ads personalization more data will be made available, see below.

Google Analytics Advertising Features

No Advertising Ever

There is no advertising used on this site nor will there ever be advertising.

Advertising Features

If you have opted in to ads personalization on your device and/or Google account additional information will be available to the site owner (damanding/crayonkit) and one IT person (damanding/crayonkit's life partner) via Google Analytics Advertising Features. This information will never be utilized in an attempt to

"identify users or facilitate the merging of personally identifiable information with additional information collected through any Google advertising product or feature."  Source: Google Analytics Advertising Features

This option will NOT be utilized for advertising purposes.

Information Google Collects

Google Analytics will associate the visitation information it collects from your site and/or apps with Google information from accounts of signed-in users who have consented to this association for the purpose of ads personalization. This Google information may include end user location, search history, YouTube history, and data from sites that partner with Google—and is used to provide aggregated and anonymized insights into your users' cross device behaviors. Source: Activate Google Signals Consent Flow page

Information Usage

The data collected will be used for identifying information that might help us make the site more useful such as popular pages viewed and incoming sources of users; traffic counts to ensure proper server functionality, and other helpful uses.

General Disclaimer

I'm a hobbyist mod author. I don't earn any money for this hobby. I don't take donations. I'm not using this data to make money on the hobby or people. I'm not trying to hurt anyone or do anything nefarious. I'm just curious about the kinds of traffic I get and how it can help me improve the site for all the users.

Opt Out Options

You may choose to use the Google Analytics Browser Opt Out feature.

User Data Removal

Any user data will be removed upon request. Please see the contact page for details on reaching me with such requests.

You can also remove information Google stores about you and activity on this site for yourself at Google MyActivity