Neon Flats Workshop Recommended Mods

This mod takes advantage of features in several other mods and is designed to work with them without the other mods being required.

Snappy Housekits

The architectural components of this mod were created by Robboten, author of Snappy Housekits, and thus designed to work seamlessly with structural kits in that mod. The exterior windows are designed to work with the Deco Main A kit in Snappy.

Modular Kitchens

The sink snaps and the stove snap in the kitchen counter work with Modular Kitchens sinks/stoves as well as any other mods which also support the same snap points. Courtesy of Evanpox and Crayonkit/Damanding.


The sinks in CWSS will also snap into the kitchen counter.

Do It Yourshelf (DIY)

There are plain wood bookcases included with DIY snap points, the wall shelf has DIY snap points, the crafting workbenches all have DIY snap points on the very top and in some cases on the bench itself. Courtesy of Dinozaurz and Crayonkit/Damanding.

Creative Clutter

There is a crafting workbench with snaps designed to work with the mini crafting workbenches in Creative Clutter. It will also work with any half size Do It Yourshelf clutter. Courtesy of the Creative Clutter team and Dinozaurz.


This mod includes carpet pieces designed to use the Cat Deco snaps. Place the starter piece first as indicated, then snap the carpet pieces of your choice to cover the floor. The carpet pieces won't snap on a floor piece that has a wall on it already so lay out your carpet first. The rug pieces are standalone and do not support snapping.  Courtesy of Sarinia.

EoW's Book Textures

EmissaryOfWind allowed me to include her book textures directly in this mod but if you want all of your book clutter from other mods looking better I recommend this mod.  Or you could use Vronykah's abstract design version.

Stained Glass Workshop

This mod uses the same script as Stained Glass Workshop for the improved lights (thanks MunkySpunk!). Technically speaking there is no built in functionality designed to work with this mod but it's pretty awesome and stained glass should go great in your Neon Flats apartments.

Neon Flats Workshop Base Object Swapper

Swaps vanilla furniture for Neon Flats equivalents at a 60% chance. Great way to see NFW furniture around the wasteland!  Courtesy of RogueUnicorn/Sniper00