Neon Flats Workshop Known Issues

Important Warnings

Several of the adjusted lights all make use of the same script as Stained Glass & Unicorn F*rts, while they don't have animated mist and colored patterns the same warnings apply as in that mod. DO NOT ABUSE THE LIGHT SCRIPT, give it a second to execute before you do anything. What do I mean by this? Don't turn lights on and off rapid fire throughout your settlement. Turn it on, wait half a second, then do your thing with it. Place it, give it half a second, then try the new placement if you change your mind. If the light spots are out of sync when you activate the lamp: This can happen when your generators are smashed or switched off and you accidentally activate the lamp. Turn off your generator, activate the lamp ONCE, and turn the generator back on. If you abuse the script by executing it too many times in to short a time (More than once a second) you MAY end up with light spots placed in your settlement that can't be deleted because there is no corresponding workshop item. You've been warned.

Uninstalling the mod: it is critical that you scrap the lights, tv's, terminals, and radios (anything powered) first in workshop mode before uninstalling the mod.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND uninstalling workshop mods ever.

See Registrator2000's Power Grid Tools mod page for an explanation of why this is so important and a tool to repair your save game (PC only) if you neglected this step. That said, uninstalling settlement mods mid-game is never a good idea. The only mods that are truly safe to uninstall mid-game are pure texture replacer mods.