Creative Clutter Credits & Permissions

Extra Special Credits:

The website was very generous and gave us permission to use their Fallout 4 themed PSA textures as posters in the mod. Check out their site as a thanks!  Proof of permission is already on file with Nexus staff.

Update 1.5 is a very significant update and would not have been possible without the assistance of a few people not on the team.  1000101 (E) did a significant amount of scripting work and esp setup to support the scripting for this update. The cooling functionality and DLC/mod detection are E's work. Casputin not only contributed various custom meshes and collision, he also spent many many hours testing for us. Kinggath had also created a DLC detection script for us which worked marvelously, however the later addition of the cooling functionality and its own need for DLC detection necessitated in switching to a script written by E for this purpose.  Kinggath also wrote a custom version of Settlement Menu Manager script for our needs which is in use.  Finally Robboten wrote and shared several xEdit scripts with members of the team that made a huge difference in reducing the amount of effort needed to add well over 100 items to the new Colors section of the mod.

DAmanding would like to thank the following for help in learning 3ds Max 2013 making it possible to begin improving collision for the items in this mod: Ethreon, KKthebeast, NaiRae, Robboten, and Thirdstorm.  They've also assisted other members of the team quite a bit in many ways.


  • 1000101 (E) for scripting
  • Aesfocus for vault bed blanket texture
  • BigAndFlabby for scripting
  • BlastoLho for cigarette carton/pack textures
  • Cadpnq for scripting
  • Casputin for improved collision on several items, making custom display cases, Cat Ass Trophy, extensive testing
  • Chucksteel for bar taps
  • Crossorder for the mortar and pestle used in one of the DIY shelves, the textures are vanilla Bethesda textures
  • Elianora for pen cup and toothbrush cup ideas (we made our own)
  • Ethreon for improved collision on several items, empty jet inhaler
  • Femshepping for bed and other furniture re-textures
  • Heaventhere for cigar boxes
  • Heirflick for the idea of food in cat/dog bowls (we made our own)
  • Jet4571 for eyeglasses
  • Kinggath for scripting
  • LoneRaptor for the jar mesh and textures used for the pigment jars (the pigment portion is textured by MunkySpunk, the mesh portion of the pigment is by KKthebeast). The jars are from his Commonwealth Pizza mod.
  • MunkySpunk for several donated meshes including synth ashtray, soap dish and towel rack, 4 custom book textures, plus numerous other textures (stained glass, paint cans, paint brushes, paint rag/towel, blue tape, etc.)
  • NaiRae for the custom telephone bench mesh and textures (undecorated)
  • RedRocketTV for a number of donated meshes including the robot and car model kits, the new Dogmeat bed, and some general clutter
  • Robboten for xEdit script assistance
  • Se7enraven for playing card resources


TL;DR You must ask us for permission before using any item in this mod.

Attribution (credit) required
Non-Commercial use only (see below for more detail on donations, donation points, and Patreon)
No inclusion in mod packs, Mod Drop site
Unless we specify otherwise, publishing of your mod is only allowed on or (exceptions may be made for non English language sites)

Many of the items in this mod are a combination of objects created by multiple authors in this mod and therefore require permission from multiple CREAtive Clutter team members. Some objects also contain items made by people outside the CREAtive Clutter team. Any object containing the work of outside authors is NOT available to be re-used without permission from the CREAtive Clutter team AND the outside authors. So in short, just ask us first because we can tell you who you need permissions from.

Permission has been REVOKED by all authors of this mod to the author of "Diamond City the Great Green Jewel", Awarhero, to use our assets in his mods as of October 19, 2017. Other mod authors who were at one point involved in that project are not subject to the asset ban.

August 25, 2017: You may NEVER include this mod in mod packs or sites like Mod Drop. Juicehead and MxR Mods may never use any part of this mod or pictures in any of their Youtube videos. Known commonly as "Juicehead" Known commonly as "MxR"

December 23, 2017 We are adding the following Youtube authors to our ban list Known commonly as "ESO" The user named "Ultimate Immersion"

January 5, 2018 We are adding the following Youtube authors to our ban list the user named "E487"

Nexus Donations/Patreon/Nexus Donation Points/Creation Club/Etc.
Having Nexus donations turned on on your mod that uses assets from us is acceptable provided our content is not the majority of your mod. Please do not advertise Patreon (or similar service) accounts on a mod using our assets if our assets are a majority of your mod (having a Patreon is fine as long as it is not advertised on that particular mod, any other of your mods without our content is fine to advertise your Patreon). Having Nexus donation points turned on on your mod that uses assets from us is acceptable provided our content is not the majority of your mod. You may never sell our work to Creation Club or put it behind a paywall of any sort. For this reason and others mod packs (and monetized mod packs in particular) are also forbidden.

People creating Transfer Settlement (TS) Blueprints are exempted from needing to ask us about opting TS blueprints into the donation points system, if you are creating a TS blueprint you are allowed to opt-in to the donation points by default.