Creative Clutter Modders Resource

Creative Clutter Modders Resource

This includes some (not all) of the items in the Creative Clutter mod as a mod authors resource for those making player homes, Sim Settlements Addon Packs or other mods.


If you want a playable mod use CREAtive Clutter instead.

Warning: The clothing rack mesh is broken and will cause the game to CTD. Don't use it until I have time to repair it.

The screenshot available shows a sample (not the full content) of the items included in this package.  These items are included AS IS and unless you find a game breaking bug no support will be offered.  All items have some sort of collision but not necessarily perfect collision.

Perfect for
• Making player homes
• Sim Settlement Add-on packs
• Whatever else you can come up with

Brought to you by

CREAtive Crew: Charlie, Damanding, Dinozaurz, Evanpox, frogprincessQ4, Mimaef, MsRae, Sarinia, vronykah
CREAtive Crew: Charlie, Damanding, Dinozaurz, Evanpox, frogprincessQ4, Mimaef, MsRae, Sarinia, vronykah

You ARE permitted to use these items in any mod of your choice provided you meet the following conditions:

Credit to the original creator is required.
All items are in folders by mod author name (Nexusmods names).  The only exception to this is collision on the doilies was created by Casputin, so please credit him as well.  While not required, a link to CREAtive Clutter from your mod would be nice!

No commercial usage.
This means you may not earn money on this content.  This content must remain free, even if Bethesda decides to change the rules in the future and allow for paid mods.
Update June 13 2017:  None of this content may be used in Creation Club projects without additional written permissions from the creator of the content.

No contact required.
This page gives you permission already. Unless you're requesting something significantly out of the ordinary or in violation of other requirements you don't have to contact us for permission to use these items. However we wouldn't mind if you sent us a link to your mod after you've uploaded it so we can see what you've done with it!

Mesh improvements (optional)
We don't mind if you wish to improve the meshes in some way such as better collision, etc.  While not required, we would like to request that if you improve on one of these meshes that you allow us to use the improved mesh in our CREAtive Clutter mod so that others can enjoy it too!  We will of course give full credit to anyone that improves a mesh and allows us to use it in CREAtive Clutter.

Additional notes:

Update August 25 2017: Certain Youtubers are banned from using any part of this mod in their videos. See permissions for more detail.

Update September 11, 2019: This resource is intended to be used in mods other than simple workshop building mods. Using cluttered workbench mesh files as a replacer for the vanilla workbenches is fine. Using these items in a player home, new location mod, a Sim Settlements plot, or other works that offer something transformative is also fine. You may not simply add these items as is into a workshop building mod and publish it. This content is already in a workshop mod, Creative Clutter.