Goodneighbor Apartment Blueprint

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Goodneighbor Apartment mod by Calarand77. Please leave her an endorsement and kudos for her lovely work.
Creative Clutter by my friends and I.'re not using this mod yet? Clutterless heathen! :P
CWSS Redux by Steve40. The man is talented and also deserves your endorsement and kudos. Currently hosted on the Collective Modding discord in the F4 mod hosting channel (select F4 role from bot on signup to gain access).
Do It Yourshelf by Dinozaurz. She's retired from modding and I've been left behind to run that ship on her behalf. But hey I still enjoy the endorsements and kudos. :D
V's Stylish Decor by Vronykah. Enjoy her work in her own mods or in Creative Clutter. She also deserves your endorsements and kudos. :) Currently hosted on her discord.

Optional Requirement:
Vault-Tec DLC for the desk chair.

Please note that if you own the Neon Flats Creation Club pack that the previs will conflict with the Goodneighbor Apartment mod.

My thanks to CDante for Transfer Settlements and TheLich for Place Everywhere, not to mention all the people who contributed to F4SE to make these mods possible.