Home Plate Blueprint

Home Plate Download slot 5

I used my Home Plate Interior Revamped mod for this which makes changes to the walls, flooring, etc. If you choose not to use that mod you will likely have clipping with objects on floors and walls, not to mention the upstairs may have floating items since the floor in that mod is slightly bigger and I added balcony pieces that snap to the upstairs floors in that mod which will also be floating without that mod.

Bare Minimum Requirements:

Creative Clutter by my friends and I.  What...you're not using this mod yet? Clutterless heathen! :P
CWSS Redux by Steve40. The man is talented and also deserves your endorsement and kudos.
Do It Yourshelf by Dinozaurz. She's retired from modding and I've been left behind to run that ship on her behalf. But hey I still enjoy the endorsements and kudos. :D
Modular Kitchen by Evanpox and myself.
Old World Plaids SMM version by LupusYondergirl. Her work is lovely and deserves your endorsement and kudos.
V's Stylish Decor by Vronykah. Enjoy her work in her own mods or in Creative Clutter. She also deserves your endorsements and kudos. :)

Optional Requirements:

Vault-Tec DLC for floor mats.
Wasteland & Contraptions DLC for the Silver Shroud display case. I can't remember what was from Wasteland, most likely not important.
Nuka World for the mini nuka mixer workbench and the TV table in the living room area.
AWKCR by Valdacil, Gambit77, and Thirdstorm for the mini armorsmith workbench. These men have worked hard on this mod and deserve your endorsements and kudos.

My thanks to CDante for Transfer Settlements and TheLich for Place Everywhere, not to mention all the people who contributed to F4SE to make these mods possible.