Sanctuary Startup Blueprint

Sanctuary Startup Blueprint Download slot 1

Contains: 6 beds, crops for several people, nuclear power generator, large water purifier, turrets at spawn points, and includes numerous crafting related benches/power armor stations all gathered together. Intended for people who want a fresh slate to build their own style of base with.

Don't want any requirements? What you'll lose:

Beds (VT DLC), non-vanilla crafting stations (Mod), power armor frames (Mod)


-Added enough crops to support several people (behind the workshop house)
-Added a large water purifier
-Added a nuclear generator (near the water purifier)
-Added heavy machinegun turrets aimed at the enemy spawn points
-Moved all vanilla crafting benches to the area near the workshop house
-Added 6 clean beds (requires Vault-Tec DLC) to the inside of the workshop house
-Two dog houses, one for Dogmeat, one for Junkyard dog (which should have exported with the blueprint)
-Settler call bell

Everything is in or near the workshop house except the water purifier and power generator

Optional Mods for Crafting Stations/Power Armor

-AWKCR for several crafting benches. Requires Wasteland Workshop for the non-vanilla power armor stations
-Eli's Armor Compendium for the armor crafting station
-Salvage Beacons for desk
-WIPAG for the power armor frames. No idea where to find this anymore. I might re-create this blueprint to exclude this mod in the future. Regardless they're not required.

Check out my similar startup mod for Red Rocket.

My thanks to CDante for Transfer Settlements and TheLich for Place Everywhere, not to mention all the people who contributed to F4SE to make these mods possible.