Console Settlement Mods

The "Settlement Mods Building Guide" and "Best of" guides are PC focused, though many of the mods are also available for console. This guide will be specific to console. Many of these mods will be console or just exclusive, however popular mods which are also available for PC will also be listed.  The PC versions will not be listed in this guide, however click on the author's name for a full list of their mods to see if a PC version is available.

PS4 users caution: Mods may make some items buildable that were never intended for settlement use and therefore do not have the right features such as collision and snap points for easy settlement modding. If the object doesn't have collision it cannot be moved once placed (shows yellow outline only).  Always create a hard save game before settlement building and periodically while building to ensure you have a return point if you need to revert to undo placement of one of these items.

Precombines: Mods which break precombines/previs (previsibines) will NOT be listed. Console users should NOT use mods that break the precombine system. Learn more about the precombines performance system.

[Various]: This indicates that the mod author has additional mods I've not listed or that the specific mod has multiple variations such as DLC/no DLC versions. The links given will be to the full relevant list.

Want Even More?: I can't possibly list every mod. For more inspiration see Oddlittleturtle's settlement building section in the Load Order Survival Guide for even more mods: their conflicts, alternatives, and other helpful information. You can also suggest new mods to add to Damanding/Crayonkit via discord.

Nov. 18th 2022 Note: This is still work in progress and missing many known works that I just haven't added yet.

Décor/Furniture - Vanilla Style

Décor/Furniture - Custom Content Style

Everything and the Kitchen Sink - Vanilla Style

  • Miscellaneous Settlement Items Unlocked PS4/Xbox by Callias
  • OCDecorator PS4/Xbox by McFace, ported by Ethreon (Ethreon on Nexus)
  • Prewar Settlement Items PS4 / Xbox by Lip1996Bethesda Exclusives
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack Xbox by Ccmads (Ccmads on Nexus)
  • S'more Workshop Stuff PS4 / Xbox by Mike35Bethesda Exclusives
  • USO - Unlocked Settlement Objects [Various] PS4/Xbox by AndrewCX (AndrewCX on Nexus) - This is really the only mod you need for adding basic vanilla/DLC objects to the workshop menu. Use other mods for custom content like mashups or new textures and objects. Use the Season Pass version, legacy versions will overload the menu if used with additional mods. – Bethesda Exclusives

Everything and the Kitchen Sink - Custom Style

Structural - Custom Content Style

Structural - Vanilla Style

Signs, Posters, Art, and Graffiti

Creative Clutter Family's Workshop Mods

Totally biased on these, mods made by myself and others of the Creative Clutter family team: DAmanding (Crayonkit on, Dinozaurz, Evanpox, MsRae, Mimaef, FrogprincessQ4, Sarinia, Charlie, Vronykah

Settlement Tools

Tools to make settlement building and scrapping easier.

Avoid Like the Plague

These mods will break your game in various ways.

Clean & Smooth [Various] by Okie1682 - directly deletes thousands of objects in each mod, will cause crashing. Also disables precombines. The Clean & Simple series by Jenncave is a safer alternative although it still breaks precombines and should not be used as a result on consoles.

Functional Displays by SecretAgent99, vanilla only port by Dragonis0 - The "static" versions of otherwise non-static objects are corrupted meshes that will cause crashing. The scripting is problematic.

Settlement Electricity Overhaul (SEO) by Sargeschultz11 - breaks the power grid which will destroy your save game in the long run resulting in the "scrap crash". Use Settlement Electricity Overhaul Revamped PSX/Xbox by Crayonkit instead. It has the same features done properly and safely.

*Kingtobbe passed away in spring 2021. He was a great modder who generously gave his time and skills to many. He will be missed.