Taffington Boathouse Basic Rebuilt Blueprint

Taffington Boathouse Rebuilt - Slot 2

This blueprint uses Snappy Housekit to "rebuild" the house without breaking precombines. The roof and porch roof get repairs. The upstairs gets new flooring to cover up the plywood and most of the garbage pile. The bathroom area is separated with a wall and doorway to hide the broken wall remnants. I've also added a few oil lamp posts around the exterior, optional mod workbenches, and a decontamination arch. Otherwise there is NO decor, this is meant as a fast start to decorating your own settlement mod.

Known Issues:

  • Unfortunately none of the wallpaper matched the pieces used to recreate the bathroom wall. Feel free to wallpaper the rest of the interior to match if it bothers you enough.
  • A portion of the upstairs flooring sticks out the side of the house where the windowed porch is. I've added onto the front porch roof to cover most of this. Use the portion inside the windowed porch area as a shelf area for something or just remove the upstairs flooring and use carpets instead to cover the ugly flooring. Some of the floor pieces are not the same height to prevent z-fighting due to overlapping. Use rugs to cover the worst of it.

Required Mods:

Snappy Housekit.

Optional DLC/Mods:

Wasteland Workshop: provides the oil lamps used and the decontamination arch.

Creative Clutter: provides the mini workbenches near the main workshop bench.

Fusebox Generator Plus: provides a fusebox generator for power.

Equipment and Crafting Overhaul: provides the universal workbench.

Nuka Cola Collector Pack (Creation Club): provides a storage trunk near the main workshop bench.

Oil Lamp Post Light Fix: increases the light strength from the oil lamp posts.