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Structural kits, prefabs, plants, furniture, decor, lights, and more. This is an update of the original Homemaker mod as well as a port to Bethesda with the kind permission of NovaCoru

Safe Sane Settlement Settings

Safe, sane, settlement related settings for your game. This is designed for console users in particular. Other mods already do these things but usually include settings which are not actually safe or sane to use.

Guard Rugs Full Cost

Guard rugs at the full cost of the vanilla guard post. Multiple varieties: postwar, prewar, institute.

Damanding/Crayonkit Modding Will

Modding will for my mod creations in the event that something happens and I'm no longer reachable for providing permissions to use the content.

Better Than F76 File Cabinets

Disappointed that premium in F76 gives you a single file cabinet to build? We've got them ALL for the low price of 13 bottlecaps per file cabinet. Make your commonwealth a little more organized! No monthly subscription necessary.

Castle Revamped

Castle walls rebuilt without breaking precombines plus bonus settlement workshop architecture building kit in Castle style.

Prewar Power Armor Display Gallery

Image gallery for the prewar power armor displays.

Postwar Power Armor Display Gallery

Image gallery for Postwar Power Armor Displays.

Taffington Boathouse Basic Rebuilt Blueprint

Basic repair of Taffington Boathouse and fast start to decorating the settlement yourself. No broken precombines!

Transfer Settlement Blueprints by Damanding/Crayonkit

List and links to of all the Transfer Settlements Blueprints I've created.