Taxidermy & Statuary

Taxidermy & Statuary
Taxidermy & Statuary

Build all the creatures from the Bethesda loading screens as taxidermy or statues. I added one butterfly statue from Nuka World to the statues menu, all other new buildables are now in their own menu at the end of the Decor menu.

This was created with PS4 in mind so the items have invisible objects included to act as the collision, these blocks are visible in the workshop menu icons but are invisible outside of workshop menu. Xbox/PC versions require Settlement Menu Manager (SMM).



  • Will conflict with other mods that add a menu to the end of the Decor menu. Let me know of them and I'll create a patch if possible.
  • Has colored blocks in the menu icons, this is the object used to give these items collision and is invisible outside of workshop mode. Sorry I can't find a better asset that's also invisible in the workshop menu icons. This is also the part of the object you need to select for placement/movement.
  • These are hi-poly count objects, they will fill up your settlement budget quickly! DO NOT overbuild in your settlement with these or you'll have a bad time.

Made for the request of a user on the official Bethesda discord, hell686. I usually don't take requests but every great once in awhile you might catch me on a good day.