BGD00 Workshop Mods

BGD00 Workshop Mods
BGD00 Workshop Mods

I like the various workshop mods provided by BGD00 but I prefer an AIO with Settlement Menu Manager. So I combined them and gave them an SMM menu. All credit for the hard work goes to BGD00, please download their individual mods and endorse them!


BGD00 AIO (except the garden plot which didn't have permission for posting on other sites)


*The prefab shacks do not have navcuts so NPC's will struggle to navigate inside even with navmesh. I may update those at some point in the future or hopefully the author will. I'll update as needed (may need to poke me if I've not noticed an update though).

Credits & Permissions

  • All credit (except for combining and the SMM menu) goes to BGD00 who made his mods available as a modders resource.
  • BGD00 has my full permission to take any work I've done and post it on his own mod pages (credit would be nice but not required). I have a personal copy of the mod with the garden plot as a standalone buildable that BGD00 is free to request and use.
  • See the read me file in the download for fancy fence texture credit per BGD00.