Teddy Bear Weaponry

Teddy Bear Weaponry
Teddy Bear Weaponry


Custom fatman launcher and missile launcher with teddy bear ammo. Launches nukes and missiles with teddy bears attached. Custom ammo crafting bench, custom weapons modifications. Includes support for Nuka World nukes (NW obviously required). Magazine to unlock it all. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN.

Show your enemies some love with an explosive and/or radioactive special gift.


Travel to Gorski's basement to pickup both weapons and the magazine to unlock the rest. There's also a custom workbench there to use right away and you can build one for your settlements. Stop by the weapons workbench on your way out of the basement to check out the MIRV and Nuka Nuke weapons modifications.


This is directly inspired from a mod on Nexus that adds teddy bears to the nukes and missiles. I love that mod but wanted to expand on the idea and do it standalone without any vanilla edits so this is the Redux of the original found here. All content in this mod was created by me, only the base idea was copied. Please show your love to the original idea creator if you can.

Weapons Details

All stats, perks required, etc. are identical to the vanilla fatman and missile launcher. The only difference is the addition of the teddy bear to the ammo and projectile. Your local raiders will appreciate your heartfelt valentine to them.