Settlement Electricity Overhaul Revamped

Settlement Electricity Overhaul Revamped
Settlement Electricity Overhaul Revamped

The original mod, Settlement Electricity Overhaul, has some bugs which break the power grid. Broken power grids can't be fixed on console and the original mod has been abandoned. This is a complete revamp of the mod Settlement Electricity Overhaul. None of the original mod was utilized, it was recreated from scratch and altered as necessary to prevent power grid corruption and restore proper functionality to various Contraptions components. It also has some new features the original didn't have.


  • Dozens of wireless workshop objects
  • Increased range of wireless power
  • New generators packed with features
  • Longer power lines
  • ESL file

This mod replicates the functionality of Fusebox Generator Plus, you will no longer need that mod if you use this one. The range and amount of power have been reduced to safe levels. You can also create longer wires at a safe length (other mods which do this are usually NOT safe to use). All content is standalone so you can still use the vanilla wired versions of anything this mod makes a wireless copy of. You can also choose to use vanilla generators or the improved SEOR generators. Most new content starts with Wireless - or SEOR - as part of the object's name so you can easily find them in the workshop menus. All items have identical to vanilla crafting recipes and perks required. All items are located in the same menus as their vanilla counterparts.

Really Technical Details

I set the power radiation radius to 2300, it was 10,000 in the original mod. In testing I discovered that while 2500 is just barely small enough that a power radiation object set at the very edges of Red Rocket and Sanctuary won't overlap I wanted to be slightly more conservative to be safe. Overlapping power objects from two different settlement power grids as well as the extreme amount of power generated (10,000) is most likely the cause of the power grid breakage from the original mod.  

The original mod gave actor values to objects to make them require power (PowerRequired) and also generate power (PowerGenerated) at the same time. I believe this was done due to the side effect of making the object wireless, however this is not the correct way to make objects wireless. Removing the WorkshopPowerConnection keyword is the way that Bethesda creates wireless objects so that is what I've done.  I believe it is possible that requiring and generating power in the same object may also cause power grid corruption but I'm not certain.

A couple of objects originally had a keyword (WorkshopStartUnpoweredOff) to make them start in an unpowered state, however they will not work wirelessly with that keyword so it was removed. This starts the objects in a powered on state such as the decontamination arch starting with the spray on. However they can be safely switched off immediately after being placed in workshop mode.

Many of the Contraptions Workshop objects that were made wireless in the original mod broke their functionality as a result. The wired connections are required for transmitting information from a connected terminal, logic gate, or switch. So these objects were left requiring wires in the revamp version. Objects like conduits also require a wired connection to start the transmission of power because they are not power generators though some pieces are power radiators. The objects that radiate power received extended ranges of radiation.  I would've been required to make conduit pieces generate power to make them wireless.