Lucky Rabbits Foot

Lucky Rabbits Foot
Lucky Rabbits Foot

Everyone could use +1 Luck

Discover a lucky rabbits foot and hold onto it for good luck! Keep the object in your inventory for +1 Luck. Drop the object or store it and lose out on all that luck. Droppable but not scrappable, will appear in your Misc tab of your pipboy.

How to Get

You can find the lucky rabbits foot hiding behind a picture on top of the safe in the Fizztop Grille in Nuka World.


Many many thanks to MissingMeshTV/RedRocketTV for the use of his Lucky 8 Ball mod's script. See his Lucky 8 Ball mod which does this exact same thing only with a Lucky 8 Ball. See his youtube channel,  twitch, or modding website.  I renamed the script so that our two mods would not conflict and can be used together if you're a PC user.

Permission to use RRTV's content in my mod projects