RedRocketTV Workshop

Red Rocket TV Workshop
Red Rocket TV Workshop

Before removing his stunning player home mods from Nexus the author graciously granted me permission to make a workshop mod from his many assets. This mod includes custom décor and furniture, much of it with a Fallout 3/New Vegas feel. Nearly 1000 buildable objects!

It includes Nuka Recipe books with fun new textures (vanilla edit!+), craftable Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine with new textures, and a variety of new magazines not found in the game. You can craft Molerat Wondermeat, Bunker Brew beer, and Oberland Highball food and drinks. Lots of signs, posters, cluttered bookcases and shelving, custom textured containers for sorting your loot, lockers, boxes and crates, dishes including coffee mugs, new crafting stations, books recreated from F3/FNV, cooling refrigerators, decorative plants, cluttered bins, and much more.

Vanilla Edits

+ The default Nuka Recipe book records have been directly edited. This may conflict with any mods which edit these records such as sorting mods. Load RRTV Workshop after your sorting mod to get the new textures (minus the sorting). I may consider making sorting mod patches. I tried making these craftable and standalone but couldn't get them to work in the display case.

Credits and Permission