Credits and Permissions

Cat Deco Credits/Permissions

Credits This mod wouldn't be possible without the assistance of

Grounded Credits/Permissions

Cordless VII has permission to host the older version of

Creative Clutter Modders Resource

This includes some (not all) of the items in the Creative Clutter mod as a mod authors resource for those making player homes, Sim Settlements Addon Packs or other mods.

CREAtive Gardens Credits & Permissions

Creative Gardens The CREAtive Team from CREAtive Clutter for vital

School Desks Credits & Permissions

Credits and Gratitude: This mod was made using BAE, GIMP,

CREAtive Teddy Bears Credits & Permissions

Teddy bear textures are a non-commercial modders resource.

Seasons Credits & Permissions

History, credits, and permissions for the mod Seasons.

Postwar and Prewar Power Armor Displays Credits & Permissions

Credits: Texture work: TerryBeer ESP/Mesh work: Damanding (Nexus name)

Raze My Settlement Credits & Permissions

Ported with permission of Whisper/bionicyardiff. See Nexus page [https:

Color Map Collectibles Credits & Permissions

This mod was ported to with permission from