Credits and Permissions

V's Stylish Decor My Beds

Player only versions of the beds from V's Stylish Decor.

Mods by MunkySpunk

I have and will be porting several mods by MunkySpunk to for console and PC players with permission. Basic information about each mod.

Mods by Glitchfinder

Information about mods from Glitchfinder that have been ported to for console and PC players.

Homemaker Gloolax Content

Directions for upgrading Gloolax content in Homemaker to the 4k textures as well as permissions information regarding the Gloolax content.

Cat Deco Credits/Permissions

Credits This mod wouldn't be possible without the assistance of

Grounded Credits/Permissions

Cordless VII has permission to host the older version of

Creative Clutter Modders Resource

This includes some (not all) of the items in the Creative Clutter mod as a mod authors resource for those making player homes, Sim Settlements Addon Packs or other mods.

CREAtive Gardens Credits & Permissions

Creative Gardens The CREAtive Team from CREAtive Clutter for vital

School Desks Credits & Permissions

Credits and Gratitude: This mod was made using BAE, GIMP,

CREAtive Teddy Bears Credits & Permissions

Teddy bear textures are a non-commercial modders resource.