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The Fens Sheriff's Department
The Fens Sheriff's Department

I have and will be porting several mods by MunkySpunk to for console and PC players.

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All mods being ported have permissions for me to port the content according to their original Nexus page. I claim no credit for the descriptions, logos, and images used: those all belong to MunkySpunk.

Armor & Jewelry

Bad Boys Power Armor Civil Servants

Working ANIMATED Police, Fire, EMS, and Construction lights and premium custom paint jobs for all vanilla Power Armor models. In all 20 light arrangements and 16 paint jobs.

How do I get them in-game?: Lore Friendly: There are 4 perk magazines spread throughout the Commonwealth that will grant you the ability to craft the Torso pieces at the Chem Workbench under 'Bad Boys - Civil Servant's Power Armor' and apply the paint at the Power Armor Workbench. The magazines are placed in locations that make sense except for the Fire Department magazine because Bethesda neglected to put even a single Fire Department in the world map. PC Users who want to cheat see the Nexus page for console command details.

Load Order: Craft Your Own

Original author: MunkySpunk

Porter: Crayonkit/Damanding

Animated Jewelry

Adds a variety of beautiful dynamic, light-emitting jewelry for your waifu or husbando: earrings, chokers, and necklaces and 5 specialized display cases in workshop mode to show off your collection. 64 pieces of Jewelry + 5 Jewelry Boxes.

What's in this mod? Earrings, chokers, and necklaces: 48 neck adornments: 12 different pendants, 2 types of cord materials in either a necklace or choker size = 48 16 different earrings. 5 Jewelry boxes that will display the jewelry items you put in it for workshop mode. (SMM required)

Load Order: New Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Gear

Original author: MunkySpunk

Porter: Crayonkit/Damanding


Immersive Candles

Replaces all awful vanilla candles with more advanced synchronized animated versions. No broken precombines, no overwritten precombines. All items are scrappable if encountered in workshop.

What does it do? This mod places an animated candle at every vanilla worldspace occurrence of candles in the game. This mod gives all unlit candles a wick. This mod replaces the workshop menu place vanilla candles with animated variants.

Load Order: New Settlements, World Edits

Original author: MunkySpunk

Porter: Crayonkit/Damanding


Wall-o-matic Jukebox Radio


Workshop buildable Wall-O-Matic jukebox that acts as a radio with nearly 100 new tracks in 3 new music stations. Supports vanilla stations as well. Mod includes 3 new music stations. "Left Field Diner Smooth Jazz" "Harkins' Ragtime Piano Station" "The Manhattan Project Lounge Music" NOTE: There is no DJ. These are music tracks only. Find jukeboxes under 'Decorations' > 'The Bleachers'' tab. SMM required.


Workshop buildable Wall-O-Matic jukebox that acts as a radio: vanilla stations and Nuka World raider radio only, no custom music.

Load Order: Radio and Audio Additions, Tweaks

Original author: MunkySpunk

Porter: Crayonkit/Damanding. Created Lite version, added additional vanilla/DLC stations to both versions.

Settlement Workshop

Working Aquariums

Fish heads fish heads, roly poly fish heads. Ask a fish head anything you want to, they won't answer, they can't talk. Aquariums for your settlements stocked with moving 3d glowing rad fish in over 40 fully functional animated aquariums in two different sizes. Multiple (or no) backdrops, Idle markers for your settlers to interact with, and destructable tanks round out the mod.

Over 40 Aquariums stocked with decorations, animated fish of various colors of Fallout glowing freakery, animated bubbles and ripples, power switch to turn it off and on, and a workshop happiness rating of +2.

Load Order: Settlement and Workshop Menu Items (Scripted)

Original author: MunkySpunk

Porter: Crayonkit/Damanding, created prewar patch


Synth Head Mace

  • Nexus (part of Fens Sheriff's Department mod)
  • Xbox (standalone)
  • PC (standalone)

It glows, it shocks, it burns, it irradiates. It hits things. Beat up the Commonwealth with a custom mace melee weapon made from synth heads. One of the weapons featured in the Fens Sherrifs Department quest mod now made available standalone.

Weapons are craftable at the Chemistry Workbench. No vanilla level list edits. Craft base weapons (two types: one rocket propelled, one not) at Chemistry, then modify at the weapon workbench.

Load Order: Craft Your Own

Original author: MunkySpunk

Porter: Crayonkit/Damanding

(coming soon)