Homemaker Gloolax Content

Homemaker Gloolax Content

Gloolax made a variety of prewar versions of vanilla objects as a modders resource. I've added these objects to Homemaker using the 2k versions of the textures for PC players (1k for Xbox). Those wishing to upgrade to the available 4k textures see below.

Upgrading To 4k Textures - PC only

  • Manually install 4k textures (textures only! no Gloolax meshes!) to the Data folder
  • In your Data folder find the Textures folder, you'll see Set Dressing and any other folders created at a future time by Gloolax.
  • In the Textures folder create a new folder called "Homemaker" and inside that folder create a new folder called "Gloolax". You should now have a folder structure that reads Data/textures/Homemaker/Gloolax as well as Data/textures/Set Dressing (Gloolax' textures).
  • Move the Set Dressing folder and any other Gloolax texture folders to the Data/textures/Homemaker/Gloolax folder so that it now reads Data/textures/Homemaker/Gloolax/Set Dressing (etc) All Gloolax images have now been consolidated into a single folder: Data/textures/Homemaker/Gloolax so copy all textures to that location and do NOT preserve the original Gloolax structure.
  • Either leave the files loose (not ideal, decreases performance) or pack the textures into the existing Homemaker - textures.ba2 file.

How to pack archives using the Creation Kit:

How to pack files using Archive2:

  • Archive2 comes with the Creation Kit which is available for free on Steam. Archive2.exe is found in C:\installation folder\Fallout 4\Tools\Archive2 (it installs with the CreationKit).
  • Open the Homemaker - Textures.ba2 file with Archive2.
  • Drag and drop the Textures folder into the open archive window. If you have loose content in your Textures folder from other mods you will want to recreate the correct folder structure in some other location on your computer with just the Gloolax textures and drag/drop the recreated folder instead. The correct file structure that should be drag/dropped into the archive is textures/Homemaker/Gloolax/Set Dressing (etc).
  • Save the archive.


While Homemaker mod is now a modders resource, we cannot transfer the permissions for Gloolax content to others. This means that if Gloolax ever removes their modders resource or changes the permissions on it in the future you will need to get permission from Gloolax to use their content in your mods. As of June 2023 the permissions are open as captured below.

Gloolax Modders Resource Permissions
Gloolax Modders Resource Permissions