Cat Deco Credits/Permissions


This mod wouldn't be possible without the assistance of Ethreon, who made all custom meshes in this mod, as well as allowing me to use meshes from some of his mods like Stairs, Ladders and Ramps. He also set-up the guide tile snapping points system used from version 1.1 onwards. If you like this mod, please consider giving him a kudos for his tremendous help.

Permissions/Mod Resources

Some of my original textures are already in use in other mods, such as Ethreon's recent update of his Cabin in the Woods mod. If a mod author would like to use any of my textures in their own mod, please send me a PM. I will most likely grant my approval, provided that none of my assets are used in paid mods or monetized in any way.

None of my assets are available for use or redistribution without my permission.

Bethesda Porting

This mod is available on under Crayonkit's account with permission.