Cat Deco Usage Instructions

This mod uses a custom placement guide which must be snapped to an open floor piece first (the floor piece cannot be connected to a wall).


Custom guides are included and used to place the floor coverings. These guides have instructional textures and come in full and quarter floor sizes. The side with the red arrow will snap to an open floor edge or towards a floor edge that has balcony snapping points. The three sides with a blue arrow will snap to the various carpet coverings. Once you have used the guide tile to start and snapped one carpet piece to the guide, remaining carpet pieces will snap to each other and will even snap through walls.

Use with DLC Vault Floors: The guide tile will not snap to all DLC vault floors because Bethesda gave them a different snapping set. You should be able to snap the guide tile to any vault floor that does not have pre-attached walls or ceiling. Then follow the normal process (snap floor covering to guide, remove guide, then keep snapping floor covering pieces to themselves).

The triangular floor covering tiles (for use with the DLC Concrete floors) will only snap on the two flat edges, not on the angled edge.


Guide tiles are fully scrappable and will return the same components to you that you used to build them (1 cloth).

Sizes and Shapes

Floor coverings are one unit thick (about the same thickness as the in-game rugs). Every basic floor covering comes in full, half, quarter, curved and triangular floor shapes/sizes for use with vanilla and standard sized modded floors.

Collision and Nav-Meshing

All floor coverings have proper collision (you will not fall through them) and proper physics (i.e. walking across carpet doesn't sound the same as walking on tile).

The carpets do not have nav-meshing for a good reason. If two or more navmeshed surfaces are too close together, they will end up confusing the NPC AI, causing them to walk into walls, etc. Because these carpets are very thin and only designed to be used on top of an existing floor, I left out the nav-meshing to avoid these issues. The NPCs will still detect the nav-mesh of the floor underneath and walk across the carpets normally. The only issue might occur if you place the carpets on a floor tile that is not navmeshed.

Building parts from Ethreon's Stairs, Ramps, and Ladders mod (SLR; floors, stairs and ramps) have proper collision and nav-meshing.

Materials, Patterns and Colors

Floor coverings included in current version (2.0):

  • Carpet - 31 solid colors, pre-war/clean (see images for color names and options)
  • Ceramic Tiles - 6 checkered tiles based on a vanilla pattern but in new colors (slight wear and tear, can be pre-war or post-war)
  • Concrete - 18 colors (basic greys, plus colors based on modern stained concrete)
  • Marble - 12 colors based on actual types of real world marble
  • Ground Cover - 22 vanilla ground textures available as floor covering (dirt, grass, mulch, sand, and river rocks). Some include 3D grass.

Mod also includes the following items from Ethreon's Stairs, Ramps, and Ladders mod (SLR) retextured to match the 18 concrete and 12 marble colors.

  • Floors - Full, half, and quarter
  • Ramps - Full, 2 types of half ramps (long and wide), quarter ramps
  • Stairs - 3 sizes (long: reaches to second floor, medium- half height, small - 3 steps)
  • Railings - Full and half sizes for flat and angled railings.
  • Railing end pillars - Decorative pillars for use with railings that include mini-statues on the top.