CREAtive Gardens Credits & Permissions

CREAtive Gardens Credits & Permissions

Creative Gardens

The CREAtive Team from CREAtive Clutter for vital practical assistance with various technical aspects of the mod and also for equally vital assistance in maintaining morale. This mod started out with the intent of being a part of CREAtive Clutter but quickly grew way too large to even consider it.

Ethreon for help with some of the meshes, most importantly the floors having dirt footstep sounds instead of wooden shack footstep sounds. Also for looking askance at one of my textures and inspiring me to take it up a notch.

Extra credit for sarinia and her mod Grounded which got me started on CREAtive Gardens in a serious way about 6 months ago.

Birch tree credits go to foreverasir I only edited the texture a bit.
Snow textures used with permission from Winter Wonderland.