This mod will be available for download soon!

Adds a huge array of Garden Objects to craft for your Settlements (2000 or so) and includes Seasonal options. Includes hundreds of custom textures of trees, plants, garden structures and outdoor furniture and is designed to work with Seasons mod, but doesn't require it. Will also work with other mods that add greenery or other seasonal edits.

Version 1.1 includes a lot of new plants. Including Birch Trees from foreverasir, a lot of fun new flower meshes created by MsRae and retextured by me, snappy plants that can go in a plant pot or in the ground alongside an array of decorative plant pots (cross-compatible with CREAtive Clutter's plant pots and plants), daffodils, agave of various sorts, lilies, orchids, cattails and a few more vines. Also fallen leaf, dirt and bark chip piles.