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Hands Off Locking Containers & Doors Port

Bethesda port of Hands Off Locking Containers & Doors by KernalsEgg. Lock and unlock containers and doors that belong to any of your settlements. Stop settlers from stealing your things!

Working Aquariums Port

Bethesda port of Working Aquariums by Munkyspunk. Aquariums for your settlements stocked with moving 3d glowing rad fish in over 40 fully functional animated aquariums in two different sizes.

Wall-O-Matic Jukebox Radio Port

Bethesda port of Wall-O-Matic Jukebox Radio by Munkyspunk. Workshop buildable Wall-O-Matic jukebox that acts as a radio with nearly 100 new tracks in 3 new music stations. Supports vanilla stations as well.

Bad Boys Civil Servant Power Armor Port

Bethesda port of Bad Boys Civil Servant Power Armor by Munkyspunk. Working ANIMATED Police, Fire, EMS, and Construction lights and premium custom paint jobs for all vanilla Power Armor models. In all 20 light arrangements and 16 paint jobs.

Animated & Glowing Jewelry Port

Bethesda port of Animated & Glowing Jewelry by MunkySpunk. Adds a variety of beautiful dynamic, light-emitting jewelry for your waifu or husbando: earrings, chokers, and necklaces and 5 specialized display cases in workshop mode to show off your collection. 64 pieces of Jewelry + 5 Jewelry Boxes.

Immersive Candles Port

Bethesda port of Immersive Candles by MunkySpunk. Replaces all awful vanilla candles with more advanced synchronized animated versions. No broken precombines, no overwritten precombines. All items are scrappable if encountered in workshop.

Atlas Summit Redux Port

Xbox port of Atlas Summit Redux by MrColonelMustard. Includes 11 constructable Enclave themed settlement objects, five classic skill books to find, two new magazines, large heavily scripted player home, memory lounger with four unique simulation rooms.

Enabled DLC Map Markers

Map markers for Far Harbor and Nuka World enabled from start. You will still need to travel to both locations the normal way the first time, then you can fast travel within the DLC map.

Do It Yourshelf Texture Pack

Tired of boring gray books in your Do It Yourshelf decor? Want to liven up your settlements? This mod is your answer! Starting off we have antique style books only courtesy of Emissary of Wind and the Met Museum. However in the future I plan to add additional styles and textures.

School Desks Image Gallery

Image gallery for School Desks mod.