Mod author

RedRocketTV Workshop

Much of RedRocketTV's custom decor and furniture from his stunning player homes made workshop buildable. Lots of F3/FNV inspired content.

Capital Wasteland Mercenaries Leg Bug Fix & Armor Addition

REQUIRES CREATION CLUB: Capital Wasteland Mercenaries. Fixes the missing legs for one of the Charmer dresses. Also allows you to wear armor over all the outfits (some clipping may occur).

Slocum's Joe Mini Workbenches

Want the coffee station or donut fryer to take up less space in your tiny home? I've got you covered! These have Do It Yourshelf compatible snaps just like the mini workbenches in Creative Clutter do and will snap to the mini workbench tables in Creative Clutter.

Creative Clutter Patches

Repository of known Creative Clutter patches for other mods. Please enjoy and thank the patch creator!

Lucky Rabbits Foot

Discover a lucky rabbits foot and hold onto it for good luck! Keep the object in your inventory for +1 Luck. Drop the object or store it and lose out on all that luck. Droppable but not scrappable, will appear in your Misc tab of your pipboy.

Settlement Electricity Overhaul Revamped

The original mod, Settlement Electricity Overhaul, has some bugs which break the power grid. Broken power grids can't be fixed on console and the original mod has been abandoned. This is a complete revamp of the mod Settlement Electricity Overhaul.

Teddy Bear Weaponry

Custom fatman launcher and missile launcher with teddy bear ammo. Launches nukes and missiles with teddy bears attached. Custom ammo crafting bench, custom weapons modifications. Includes support for Nuka World nukes. Magazine to unlock it all.

BGD00 Workshop Mods

like the various workshop mods provided by BGD00 but I prefer an AIO with Settlement Menu Manager. So I combined them and gave them an SMM menu. All credit for the hard work goes to BGD00, please download their individual mods and endorse them!

Taxidermy & Statuary

Build all the creatures from the Bethesda loading screens as taxidermy or statues. I added one butterfly statue from Nuka World to the statues menu, all other new buildables are now in their own menu at the end of the Decor menu.

Pride Pipboy

Show your pride right on your pipboy! 8 Pride Flag textures for the Pipboy. Pairs great with Pride Pipboy Backgrounds.