Transfer Settlement Blueprints by Damanding/Crayonkit

I have a few Transfer Settlement Blueprints I've created over the years for personal use that I've also shared. Please enjoy!  The mod Transfer Settlements is required to use these blueprints.

I strongly recommend using Raze My Settlement as well to auto-scrap the settlements/Home Plate ahead of time to save effort.

Please note that if you own the Neon Flats Creation Club pack that the previs will conflict with the Goodneighbor Apartment mod.

Sanctuary and Red Rocket are both very basic startup blueprints with the minimum needed to start your settlement, all crafting workbenches co-located, power, recruitment beacon, some basic plants, turrets, water, and beds. The idea is to give yourself a fast start to the settlement and then build and arrange as you like.

Home Plate and Goodneighbor Apartment blueprints are fully decorated player homes with mini workbenches. Designed to be as cute as possible using the minimal number of settlement mods.

Taffington Boathouse Basic Rebuilt uses Snappy Housekit to "rebuild" the house without breaking precombines. Otherwise there is NO decor, this is meant as a fast start to decorating your own settlement mod.

Goodneighbor Apartment

Home Plate

Sanctuary Startup

Red Rocket Startup

Taffington Boathouse Basic Rebuilt

My thanks to CDante for Transfer Settlements and TheLich for Place Everywhere, not to mention all the people who contributed to F4SE to make these mods possible.