Mods ported to Bethesda.net from Nexus

Lima Detachment (Port)

Port of Lima Detachment for Xbox players. This mods adds several detailed Faction themed bunker's to explore as you complete several Quests. Once completed, you are rewarded with Power Armor Paint Jobs, Desert Combat Armor, unique weapons, and your own Enclave themed Bunker player home.

Mods by MunkySpunk

I have and will be porting several mods by MunkySpunk to Bethesda.net for console and PC players with permission. Basic information about each mod.

Mods by Glitchfinder

Information about mods from Glitchfinder that have been ported to Bethesda.net for console and PC players.

Homemaker Gloolax Content

Directions for upgrading Gloolax content in Homemaker to the 4k textures as well as permissions information regarding the Gloolax content.

Hands Off Locking Containers & Doors Port

Bethesda port of Hands Off Locking Containers & Doors by KernalsEgg. Lock and unlock containers and doors that belong to any of your settlements. Stop settlers from stealing your things!

Working Aquariums Port

Bethesda port of Working Aquariums by Munkyspunk. Aquariums for your settlements stocked with moving 3d glowing rad fish in over 40 fully functional animated aquariums in two different sizes.

Wall-O-Matic Jukebox Radio Port

Bethesda port of Wall-O-Matic Jukebox Radio by Munkyspunk. Workshop buildable Wall-O-Matic jukebox that acts as a radio with nearly 100 new tracks in 3 new music stations. Supports vanilla stations as well.

Bad Boys Civil Servant Power Armor Port

Bethesda port of Bad Boys Civil Servant Power Armor by Munkyspunk. Working ANIMATED Police, Fire, EMS, and Construction lights and premium custom paint jobs for all vanilla Power Armor models. In all 20 light arrangements and 16 paint jobs.

Animated & Glowing Jewelry Port

Bethesda port of Animated & Glowing Jewelry by MunkySpunk. Adds a variety of beautiful dynamic, light-emitting jewelry for your waifu or husbando: earrings, chokers, and necklaces and 5 specialized display cases in workshop mode to show off your collection. 64 pieces of Jewelry + 5 Jewelry Boxes.

Immersive Candles Port

Bethesda port of Immersive Candles by MunkySpunk. Replaces all awful vanilla candles with more advanced synchronized animated versions. No broken precombines, no overwritten precombines. All items are scrappable if encountered in workshop.