Wild Harvestables Known Issues

A safer thistle is included - it's a modified version

School Desks Recommended Mods

Orphans of the Commonwealth [

School Desks Known Issues

I don't know how Orphans of the Commonwealth [http://www.

School Desks Credits & Permissions

Credits and Gratitude: This mod was made using BAE, GIMP,

Festive Lights Recommended Mods

There are no LODs. If you use one of the

CREAtive Teddy Bears Credits & Permissions

Teddy bear textures are a non-commercial modders resource.

Craftable Birds

Craftable birds in a range of colours. I haven't included crows or seagulls as there are plenty of mods that include them already. They have a basic head bobbing animation, but they don't fly around or make any noise, they are purely decorative.

Seasons Media

Videos and news articles about the mod Seasons.

Seasons Recommended Mods

Mods which work well with the mod Seasons.

Seasons Credits & Permissions

History, credits, and permissions for the mod Seasons.