CREAtive Gardens Install Instructions

Creative Gardens Requires SMM to manage the custom menus, for

CREAtive Gardens Credits & Permissions

Creative Gardens The CREAtive Team from CREAtive Clutter for vital

Wild Harvestables Recommended Mods

It's not needed, but I very much recommend: No more

Wild Harvestables Known Issues

A safer thistle is included - it's a modified version

School Desks Recommended Mods

Orphans of the Commonwealth [

School Desks Known Issues

I don't know how Orphans of the Commonwealth [http://www.

School Desks Credits & Permissions

Credits and Gratitude: This mod was made using BAE, GIMP,

Festive Lights Recommended Mods

There are no LODs. If you use one of the

CREAtive Teddy Bears Credits & Permissions

Teddy bear textures are a non-commercial modders resource.

Craftable Birds

Craftable birds in a range of colours. I haven't included crows or seagulls as there are plenty of mods that include them already. They have a basic head bobbing animation, but they don't fly around or make any noise, they are purely decorative.