Wild Harvestables Known Issues

Wild Harvestables Known Issues

A safer thistle is included - it's a modified version of the wild variant. It won't explode or cause radiation damage. Harvesting will break it, but don't worry, if you leave your settlement for a bit it will auto-repair. You can repair it yourself, but it will consume the thistle you took off it, which is a somewhat pointless. The thistle in the wild will still explode, I made no changes to it.

Two sizes of Wild Razorgrain are included, but they have the mesh of regular razorgrain, otherwise Wild Razorgrain can't be placed.

The tarberries/wild tarberries don't like to be moved once placed, but you can use the old workaround of hover over it in workshop mode holding down the select button (default E) until it becomes moveable.

As with vanilla food plants the wild variants are now unscrappable, but can be stored in the workbench. I would like to add a few more variants of some of the plants still, for visual appeal, but there is at least one of everything at this point. I think. Let me know if I've missed anything.

Because these plants were never meant to be farmed for the most part, the farming animation markers are a bit off. There is absolutely nothing I can do about that at this point. It all still works, but your farmers may look a bit odd at times. Then again even with everything vanilla, animations can sometimes be off target anyway.