Craftable Birds

Craftable Birds

Xbox version

PC version

Craftable birds in a range of colours. I haven't included crows or seagulls as there are plenty of mods that include them already. They have a basic head bobbing animation, but they don't fly around or make any noise, they are purely decorative.

The birds can be found in the Vanilla Menus under: Decorations

When placing, they tend to snap to the ground at ankle-level rather than stand right on it. You can work around that easily with console command modpos. I found modpos z -5 to be about right. Otherwise use Place Anywhere/Place Everywhere.

I also like to use setscale to vary the sizes somewhat. 1 through 0.4 are a good range of sizes. Just select the bird in the console and type setscale 0.5 or whatever scale you want the bird to be. Or you can resize via Place Everywhere.

SKE Version (esp version, loose files) - SKE is outdated and probably shouldn't be used with other menu systems such as SMM. SKE files should be considered archived for most users.