Settlement Building Guides

Guides to mods for settlement building. PC or console. Long list or favorites.

Displays & Collectibles

Want to collect more than just the base game magazines and bobbleheads? Wish you had more to display in your museum of unnatural wonders? Want a Legacy of the Dragonborn Sole Survivor type playthrough? There are plenty of mods out there to help you scratch your collectors itch!

Console Settlement Mods

Console (PS4/Xbox) specific list of settlement building mods for Fallout 4.

Best of the Settlement Mods

My shortish list of the best settlement mods available (PC focused).

Settlement Building Mods Guide

Guide to all the best mods for Fallout 4 settlement building. Rebuilt, expanded, and updated from the original. Postwar, prewar, Vault-Tec, Institute, structural, furniture, décor, building tools, and more!