Displays & Collectibles

Want to collect more than just the base game magazines and bobbleheads? Wish you had more to display in your museum of unnatural wonders? Want a Legacy of the Dragonborn Sole Survivor type playthrough? The ever popular "Functional Displays" mod has some serious bugs and shouldn't be used in its current state but there are plenty of other mods out there to help you scratch your collectors itch!

NOT Included

Static displays such as Do It Yourshelf and the great mods by Xnjguy, craftable objects such as MadJJRose's Craftable Novelty Mugs, or replacers of vanilla collectibles such as New Vault-Girl Bobbleheads AIO.  I've also not included mods like Creative Clutter which contain multiple unique display stands but do not have displays and collectibles as a primary focus.

Base Object Swapper

Note that several mods have a base object swap optional mod which will swap vanilla items such as burnt books, burnt comics, or misc items with a collectible version from a collectibles mod. It's a great option to collect even more items from the original mod at random! Many thanks to Powerofthree for creating Base Object Swapper and RogueUnicorn00 for pairing Base Object Swapper with multiple great collectibles mods.

All the Things!

  • Choochoo1's Workshop Framework displays PC by Choochoo1 - See also CWFD Organized by Babaloo321
  • Discover Nearby Collectible Items PC by LarannKiar - There are other mods that do similar things, I like this one best.
  • Ketaros Framework PC by Ketaroz - base mod for the Add-On versions of content in Ketaros Treasures. Ketaros Framework and Add-Ons are more up to date and NOT compatible with Ketaros Treasures. - See also Ketaros Framework Fixes.
  • Ketaros Framework Fixes PC by by RogueUnicorn00
  • Ketaros Treasures PC by Ketaroz - Contains slightly NSFW (not safe for work) content (non-nude pinup models). Postcards, trading cards, board games, magazines. See displays for some of the content by other authors in relevant sections such as Postcards and Toys. Outdated see Ketaros Framework and Add-Ons.
  • Ketaros World PC by Ketaroz - coffee cups, beer bottles, telephones, cigarette packs, tin cans, and more
  • Ketaros World - Base Object Swapper PC by RogueUnicorn00
  • Millennium Clutter PC by Zorkaz (El Ha) - coffee cups, fans, telephones, basketballs, batteries, pillows, cooking pans, skates, bowls, etc.
  • Millennium Clutter - Base Object Swapper PC by RogueUnicorn00
  • More Displayable Items REDUX PC by Concurrents
  • Museum Settlement Displays PC by YoungestZon - Settlement building displays that unlock based on completed quests and more.

Ammo & Weapons


Bobbleheads & Snowglobes






Magazines & Books




Postcards, Baseball, Trading Cards

  • ADD-ON - Pin-Up Card Series PC by Ketaroz
  • ADD-ON - Sci-Fi Card Series PC by Ketaroz
  • ADD-ON - Terror Card Series PC by Ketaroz
  • ADD-ON - Western Card Series PC by Ketaroz
  • Cigarette Card PC / Xbox by Futoshisan
  • Donruss Baseball Super Freaks Series PC by NarayanAgarwaen
  • Ketaros Treasures - DLC01 The Terror PC by Ketaroz Outdated see Add-On Terror Card Series
  • Ketaros Treasures - Postcard Rack PC by Exoclyps - short, table top style
  • Lootable Ketaros Treasures PC by Exoclyps - fixes the postcards to be easier to pickup
  • NukaCola Stickers - Ketaros Framework Add-On PC by gegeIII
  • Working Postcard Display for Ketaros Treasures PC by HigheverRains - taller, ground style

Power Armor

Retextures: Bobblehead, Magazine, and Weapon Racks (Vanilla)

Robot Models

  • Craftable Display Shelves PC / Xbox by Elianora
  • Nuka-Cola and Vim Display Racks PC / Xbox by Blunderfury - also includes Nuka Mix magazines, robot models, and a few misc. NW objects
  • Robot Model Kit 2K Retextures and Collectible Boxes PC by RedRocketTV

Toys & Games

  • ADD-ON - Board Games Collection Series PC by Ketaroz - For those who don't see board games and don't want to wait for an update.
    Download Ketaros Treasures, extract the file \Meshes\Ketaros\BoardGame.nif from the Ketaros_Treasures - Main.ba2 and copy it to your Data directory.

    Ketaros_Treasures - Main.ba2\Meshes\Ketaros\BoardGame.nif -> Fallout4\Data\Meshes\Ketaros\BoardGame.nif Thanks to DrJPolito for the fix.
  • Collectable Cars of the Commonwealth PC / Xbox by Fretburner
  • Collectable Cars of the Commonwealth - Map Fix PC by RogueUnicorn00
  • Collectable Cars of the Commonwealth - Base Object Swapper PC by RogueUnicorn00
  • Collectable Trucks of Far Harbor PC / Xbox by Fretburner
  • Collectible Teddy Bears PC by LeahTheUnknown
  • Gruffydd's Pool Table Storage Racks PC / Xbox (yes its part of the Signs mod for console users) by Gruffydd
  • Ketaros Treasures - Board Games Shelf PC by Exoclyps - New Add-On Board Games Collection Series has its own display
  • More Toys (With Bobblehead Keywords) PC / Xbox by Zorkaz (El Ha) (Ported by Chucksteel)
  • More Toys - Unofficial Add-on (Base Object Swapper) PC by RogueUnicorn00
  • My Little Pony _ Pony Bears PC by PaintHeart
  • Radlings Commemorative Baseballs PC by StormingRomans - No display options
  • (Snappable) Displayable Toys PC by LegalFelony
  • Teddies 76 - A Mr. Fuzzy mod PC / Xbox by CaptainUltima & Elianora
  • Teddies 76 - Base Object Swapper PC by RogueUnicorn00
  • Teddies 76 - A Mr. Fuzzy mod - SMM Addon PC by RogueUnicorn00 - Includes new display shelf
  • Toy Commandos PC / Xbox by Satojo

Need a place to display your collection? I recommend Whisper's Power Armor Basement mod. It's large enough to show off everything on this page in one place!

Want a bunch of settlement décor and furniture in addition to some fun unique displays? Try Creative Clutter!