Recommended Mods

Mods that pair well with mine or just offer great functionality.

Creative Clutter Patches

Repository of known Creative Clutter patches for other mods. Please enjoy and thank the patch creator!

Pride Mods

Celebrate Pride month with fabulous LGBTQIA+ themed mods for Fallout 4.

Displays & Collectibles

Want to collect more than just the base game magazines and bobbleheads? Wish you had more to display in your museum of unnatural wonders? Want a Legacy of the Dragonborn Sole Survivor type playthrough? There are plenty of mods out there to help you scratch your collectors itch!

Console Settlement Mods

Console (PS4/Xbox) specific list of settlement building mods for Fallout 4.

Best of the Settlement Mods

My shortish list of the best settlement mods available (PC focused).

Nexodus Mods New Authorized Locations

Missing mods that were removed from Nexus during the summer of 2021, the Nexodus? Damanding/Crayonkit is now maintaining the list of mods and their new authorized hosting locations.

Settlement Building Mods Guide

Guide to all the best mods for Fallout 4 settlement building. Rebuilt, expanded, and updated from the original. Postwar, prewar, Vault-Tec, Institute, structural, furniture, décor, building tools, and more!

Wild Harvestables Recommended Mods

It's not needed, but I very much recommend: No more

School Desks Recommended Mods

Orphans of the Commonwealth [

Festive Lights Recommended Mods

There are no LODs. If you use one of the