Structural kits, prefabs, plants, furniture, decor, lights, and more. This is an update of the original Homemaker mod as well as a port to Bethesda with the kind permission of NovaCoru.

1.74 Notes:

  • Lots of snap points! (even more to come in the future)
  • Lots of texture swaps! (even more to come in the future)
  • Bug fixes!
  • Small quality of life improvements!
  • Static collision for a number of previously moveable objects...no more kicking around coat racks, ironing boards, buckets, and bins!
  • New objects!
  • Built in support for Do It Yourshelf by adding the DIY furniture, complete with all DIY snaps for snapping furniture pieces to each other such as file cabinets and bookcases.

Requirements: DLC and Settlement Menu Manager



PC Bethesda

Xbox Streetlight Passive Power

PC Streetlight Passive Power

Xbox Unlocked Institute Objects

PC Unlocked Institute Objects

Original author: NovaCoru

Updater & Porting author: Crayonkit/Damanding

Additional Credits:


The assets from Do It Yourshelf, mesh collision updates, material files, and other assets added to Homemaker by Damanding/Crayonkit are considered a modders resource for any to use provided credit is given and the assets are not sold.  I do not have the rights to give similar permission to the Immersive toilet paper assets by Jet4571 and Elianora however those were already made modders resources by those authors.