Safe Sane Settlement Settings




Safe, sane, settlement related settings for your game. This is designed for console users in particular. Other mods already do these things but usually include settings which are not actually safe or sane to use. Safe settlers are happy settlers! Limits exist for good reasons. ;)

Settler awareness: multiple floor sandboxing +/- 384

Longer power lines 3x

Longer conduit power radius ~3x

Longer connector power radius ~3x

Will you add:

Increased Settler Limit?

NO. -----Too many NPC's loaded in an area is one of the worst performance killers. Are your settlers already standing around in a bunch doing nothing? Don't add to the problem!

Increased settlement budget?

Maybe -----Most ways of doing this are either not safe, incompatible with too many mods, or extend the limits too far. Settlement budget limits are designed for console users specifically. While PC players can go over the vanilla limits (up to a point) depending on hardware, console users generally should not. The absolute MAX safe budget increase is 2x and even that is too much depending on location and other factors. That said people will insist on doing it anyway so I might update in the future with a safe and sane adjustment.

Power generator radius?

No. -----I already have a published mod called "Fusebox Generator Plus" for this purpose.

Other settings?

Maybe. -----Find me on discord and ask, I will consider it. Or use the email button on the Contact page.