General Install Instructions MO2

Install MO2
Install MO2

General instructions by mod type and source for Mod Organizer 2 (MO2)

Important Tips

  • For mods use a Bethnet specific profile in your mod manager just to download mods with and then install them into your gaming profile to prevent some mods from being disabled by the in-game menu.
  • Install and run SMM before workshop mods requiring it to prevent failed installs.

Workshop Mods & SMM

If you are installing a workshop mod requiring Settlement Menu Manager (SMM)

  1. install SMM first
  2. run the game
  3. create a hard save
  4. exit to desktop
  5. install the workshop mod

This will prevent failed installs due to broken workshop menus. See Workshop Menu Locations below to find where the mod installed to in the workshop menu.

Install from Cloud, Discord, Manual Nexus, etc.

  1. Download mod locally to a spot you want to keep mod backups
  2. Install from archive/file depending on mod manager (see below for details)
  3. Enable and sort your mod to the right location

Install from local file (downloaded manually) - Mod Organizer 2 (MO2)

If you've downloaded a file locally to your hard drive from a cloud service, from Discord, manually from Nexus, or other location, you will need to install from the local file (video link jumps to the exact time):

Install from local file begins at 14:09

Install from local file begins at 14:09

Install from

  1. On webpage for the mod select "Add to Library" button
  2. Create or use Bethesda specific mod manager profile to run the game with
  3. Go into "Mods" option in the in game "Main Menu"
  4. Find the mod in "Your Library" & download/install
  5. Exit game and move install into your external mod manager of choice with your main gaming profile (see below for details)

Install from with MO2

Use specific profile to download in previous steps!

  1. Mod will appear in "Overwrite" folder
  2. Click on overwrite and "create new mod" OR "create empty mod"
  3. Select mod files and save with mod name
  4. Load game, go into "Mods" menu and "Disable" mod from there (it will still be in MO2)
  5. Load your main gaming profile and enable the newly installed mod in your gaming profile

Install from Bethnet starts at 2:19

Install from Bethnet starts at 2:19

Mod File Names

Mod file names from will all start out the same way. You'll have ModName.esp (or esl/esm) and archives such as ModName - Main.ba2 or ModName - Textures.ba2.  There may also be an ini file such as ModName.ini. You'll want to include ALL file names that are related to a specific mod when installing in MO2.

Workshop Menu Locations

  • Do It Yourshelf: Furniture Menu
  • Creative Clutter: Main Menu
  • Modular Kitchen: Furniture Menu
  • Most other mods inject to the Main Menu