General Install Instructions NMM

Install NMM
Install NMM

General instructions by mod type and source for Nexus Mods Manager (NMM).

Important Tips

  • Install and run SMM before workshop mods requiring it to prevent failed installs.
  • Use the latest Community version of NMM.
  • If mods are disabled after running the in-game mod manager to acquire mods: use a separate NMM profile to download mods.

Workshop Mods & SMM

If you are installing a workshop mod requiring Settlement Menu Manager (SMM)

  1. install SMM first
  2. run the game
  3. create a hard save
  4. exit to desktop
  5. install the workshop mod

Install from

Install from manual file

  1. Zip the files if needed (such as Bethnet install--see above video starting at 2:45)
  2. Install from archive using Green + sign (see above video starting at 3:55)

Mod File Names

Mod file names from will all start out the same way. You'll have ModName.esp (or esl/esm) and archives such as ModName - Main.ba2 or ModName - Textures.ba2.  There may also be an ini file such as ModName.ini. You'll want to include ALL file names that are related to a specific mod when installing in NMM.

Workshop Menu Locations

  • Do It Yourshelf: Furniture Menu
  • Creative Clutter: Main Menu
  • Modular Kitchen: Furniture Menu
  • Most other mods inject to the Main Menu