Why are the mods no longer on Nexus?

  See Statement on Mod Packs. Also the Nexus decision to remove delete button for mod authors and Terms of Service changes.

Will you post a copy of the mod on X site for me to download instead of using Bethnesda.net?


Where do I get X team member's mods?

 Look on this site by clicking their name on the top bar. You'll be shown a list of their mods and possibly location. If the location isn't found that way check the Contact button in the bottom bar for list of discord locations.

Why is the mod not showing up in the workshop?

  Check the Install Help article for the mod in question.

Does the mod break precombines?

  The only mods I've created which break precombines are Homeplate Interior Revamped and West Everett Estates Bunker Workshop. Both mods have rebuilt precombines.

Why do you have a Hitler cat avatar?

  It's the kitler meme. I've been called Hitler by people mad about my moderation (or other) decisions more times than I can count so it delights me. Yes I'm even older than that meme but we both still check out.