Home Plate Interior Revamped

Home Plate Interior Revamped




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The entire downstairs floor is now concrete without the dirt decals. The upstairs flooring uses the nicest piece of wood shack flooring available and it all matches with slight extensions for a little more room. I covered the rusty downstairs walls in the end near the workbench with concrete walls that match the rest of the downstairs. The upstairs walls are still rusty. I removed all the loose pieces of rusty metal panels. I covered the upper wall plywood in the largest room with a different style of wood. I removed a couple of unnecessary support beams, added a couple where it made sense. Removed the interior fog and the one mister (fog) near the upstairs roof door. Slight modification to the upstairs navmesh to better fit the new flooring.

Compatibility Notes

If you're using Previsibines Repair Pack (PRP) load this mod after PRP.

If you're seeing the old wood floor parts sticking up above the new all concrete floor then you have another mod that alters Home Plate conflicting. You'll need to either patch or load this mod after the other to get the new appearance.