West Everett Estate Bunker Workshop

West Everett Estate Bunker Workshop



Credits & Permissions

Converts the West Everett Estates Bunker interior cell into a limited player home workshop. Take it over and decorate it yourself as your own personal player home. Most things (including lights/light sources and debris) are scrappable, updated navmesh, and precombines/previs regenerated for maximum performance.

All lights except the entrance light are scrappable and the area's light sources will scrap with the light fixture. There's still a bit of ambient light with all lights scrapped. Rubble and trash are all linked to one rubble pile in the center of the cell which scraps all trash at once.

The terminal (and supporting desk), ham radio (and supporting step ladder) are not scrappable as they are tied to vanilla game content. The first time you visit the cell you'll hear the radio broadcast on the ham radio, just activate the radio to turn it off. Read up on the terminal to find out what happened to the original bunker's inhabitants. Custom workshop bench mesh (tall toolbox behind the ham radio).