Seasons Recommended Mods

Seasons Recommended Mods

Winter LODs can be safely used alongside SparrowPrince's FAR - Faraway Area Reform (LOD)
It does replace the diffuse maps, but the bump maps will still work. If you use FAR overwrite the noise file with the Season's one.

These Seasons packages also look cool with the addition of More Grass Low by Meltus. Recommended More Grass Low is in Optional Files section. You can add Snow to your Winter season over at Vivid Weathers.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND additional mods for the ultimate landscape & gaming experience. (Screenshots do not show these mods, BTW.)
(Install BEFORE FO4 Seasons mod in the order below order & overwrite when asked.)

Vivid Fallout - (Seasons will overwrite many files, but they are a great base!)
True Storms
Vivid Weathers
Nuclear Weather - For REAL snow effects and lots of other cool weathers! -
Radiant Clouds & Fog
(Then your chosen Seasons Project file.)


MaRoc ENB - If you want grit & realism, this is the ENB for you. May be a bit performance heavy.
Subtle ENB - Optimized for gameplay and performance on Vanilla color palette, top video.
OR RenVision ENB - Several different varieties, video above.
OR Wasteland Grit Reshade - Very post-apocalyptic, muted, noir cinema style reshade.
OR Grim Wolf Reshade & ENB BOS Edition - High end, detailed, realism look.