Seasons Credits & Permissions

Seasons Credits & Permissions

A Brief History of The Seasons Project:
GameDuchess was the original author of Seasons and compiled the work of many other talented people as well as contributing a mammoth amount of her own work. FrogprincessQ4 was a Seasons fangirl who became the Seasons curator and now full owner of the mod when GameDuchess retired from modding. Over the space of about two years frogprincessQ4 rebuilt most Seasons from the ground up and added a few extra transition Seasons as well. There are now seven Seasons which roughly translate as:

Autumn- Golden Grasses:a late Autumn version
First Frost - (Lite):an Early Winter version, with minimal edited textures for a more Vanilla look
Spring Thaw:An Early Spring version, where things have grown very lush, but there has been a late snowfall, for a green and snowy look

SparrowPrince has kindly and spectacularly created and allowed me to add a Snowy LOD for use with Winter. It is now included in Winter.

Winter LODs can be safely used alongside SparrowPrince's FAR - Faraway Area Reform (LOD)
It does replace the diffuse maps, but the bump maps will still work. If you use FAR overwrite the noise file with the Season's one.

Thank you to Rhaevyn for the new Seasons header!

Inspired by pictures of modern day Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini Atoll (23 nuclear devices!) and Chernobyl.

MOD CREDITS (All assets from the below mod resources are already included and used with full permission of the original authors.)

Most textures are now by frogprincessQ4, but originally the textures for the Seasons Project were painstakingly hand selected, switched around, mixed & matched, optimized, recolored, or otherwise tweaked to suit the Season they are in, by GameDuchess. The result is a complete overhaul for each season.

A Little Bit of Green, All Tree Have Leaves, Tookies Textures Grass and Plants, Touch of Green, Trees Have Colorful Leaves, Winter Wonderland, Nuclear Winter Wonderland, Divine Revelation - (A note on this mod, which has been removed from Nexus. I asked for and received direct permission from all the mod authors who - I believe - may have had some of their files incorporated into DR. If I have missed something, I hope that I will be informed so that I can correct any error. Most DR assets replaced in 3.0 versions.)

Froggie's Creative Commons Image Files Credits:
Maple Leaf